Roll-On Deodorant

Our Fantasia range of Roll-On Deodorants is packed with anti-bacterial formula that gives you 24 hours of protection from bacteria that causes body odour. Its Quick drying and non-sticky formula gives you long-lasting dryness and comfort all day long. Comes in 4 range:

Fantasia Roll-On Deodorant is for the man who enjoys freedom, is comfortable with himself and at ease with his world.

Fantasia Forever Roll-On Deodorant is based on the freshness of bergamot and mandarin that draws you into this bold and intense scent.

Aura Roll-On Deodorant is created for the man who possesses natural charm, a captivating personality and a desirable aura.

Idol Roll-On Deodorant is tailored for the man with a magnetic appeal who leaves a lasting impression.